Career Henan Chemical Co.450051About UsRoom 702, Floor 7, Building 10, National University Science Park, High-Tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, ChinaCareer Henan Chemical Co.founded in 2014, it has a highly experienced research team. The company is committed to drug R&D services. Our mission is to deliver high quality and speedy chemistry services through the continuous improvement in research capability and efficiency. Our focus on technology innovation and process optimization allows us to fulfill research needs customers. With excellent product quality and strong research and development capabilities, the company has established deep cooperative relations with a number of well-known universities and research institutes, and

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Career has a professional research and development laboratory, professional experimental equipment, professional research and development team, committed to providing customers with more professional services.

To solve the professional problems with a professional technique; To achieve the professional innovation by accumulation of professional experience. Innovations are everywhere including technology, idea,product and service. Through the innovation, we will become the best CRO.


We are committed to supporting our clients in their new drug research and development in the best possible way. Reach the clients’ target; Achieve clients’ satisfaction; Exceed client’s expectations. Use our heart to communicate with our clients and serve our clients with the highest integrity.

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